March 23, 2018

A Column of Fire by Ken Follett - Review

Book details
Series: Kingsbridge #3
Hardcover: 928 pages
Publisher: Viking; 1st Edition edition (September 12, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 052595497X
ISBN-13: 978-0525954972

Book description
As Europe erupts, can one young spy protect his queen? International bestselling author Ken Follett takes us deep into the treacherous world of powerful monarchs, intrigue, murder, and treason with his magnificent new epic, A Column of Fire.

In 1558, the ancient stones of Kingsbridge Cathedral look down on a city torn apart by religious conflict. As power in England shifts precariously between Catholics and Protestants, royalty and commoners clash, testing friendship, loyalty, and love.

Ned Willard wants nothing more than to marry Margery Fitzgerald. But when the lovers find themselves on opposing sides of the religious conflict dividing the country, Ned goes to work for Princess Elizabeth. When she becomes queen, all Europe turns against England. The shrewd, determined young monarch sets up the country’s first secret service to give her early warning of assassination plots, rebellions, and invasion plans. Over a turbulent half century, the love between Ned and Margery seems doomed as extremism sparks violence from Edinburgh to Geneva. Elizabeth clings to her throne and her principles, protected by a small, dedicated group of resourceful spies and courageous secret agents.

The real enemies, then as now, are not the rival religions. The true battle pitches those who believe in tolerance and compromise against the tyrants who would impose their ideas on everyone else—no matter what the cost.

Set during one of the most turbulent and revolutionary times in history, A Column of Fire is one of Follett’s most exciting and ambitious works yet. It will delight longtime fans of the Kingsbridge series and is the perfect introduction for readers new to Ken Follett.

Meet the author - Ken Follett
Ken Follett was only twenty-seven when he wrote the award-winning EYE OF THE NEEDLE, which became an international bestseller. His celebrated PILLARS OF THE EARTH was voted into the top 100 of Britain's best-loved books in the BBC's the Big Read and the sequel, WORLD WITHOUT END, will be published in Autumn 2007. He has since written several equally successful novels including, most recently, WHITEOUT. He is also the author of non-fiction bestseller ON WINGS OF EAGLES. He lives with his family in London and Hertfordshire.

My thoughts
I thought this was a good book even though it was quite large. The author did a good job of holding my interest throughout the whole story which was nice. I know this book was the third book in a series but you can read this book as a stand alone. In fact I was having a hard time remembering names from the last book. I liked that this told the story of Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots but from a different point of view. My favorite character of the book was Ned Willard. I felt bad for him at times and just wanted him to have a happy comfortable life. I also liked Margery and understood why she did some of the things she did as an adult. It was not nice of her family to not let her be with the man she wanted to be with but the horrible person they thought she should be with. I thought the two strongest people of the book were Margery and Silvia and how they held strong to their beliefs. All in all a very good book. 

Clues in the Sand by Terry Ambrose - Character Guest Post and Giveaway

Book details
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Self Published
Release Date – March 15, 2018
Print Length: 191 pages

Book description
To Rick Atwood’s dismay, the police find a body on the beach near his Seaside Cove B&B. The dead woman held a pottery shard from an ancient rice bowl, which the cops believe is a clue to her murder.

The chief suspect is Flynn O’Connor, a female archaeologist known for her hatred of treasure thieves. Trouble is, Rick’s daughter Alex sees Flynn as a role model and will not believe her friend is a killer.

Alex pressures her dad as only a ten-year-old can to prove Flynn is innocent. The mayor is also making demands—for Rick to stay out of the investigation. With his daughter and the mayor at odds, Rick sees trouble brewing. He knows too well how much Alex loves sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Especially when there’s murder involved.

Meet the author - Terry Ambrose
Terry Ambrose is a former skip tracer who only stole cars when it was legal. He’s long since turned his talents to writing mysteries and thrillers. Several of his books have been award finalists and in 2014 his thriller, “Con Game,” won the San Diego Book Awards for Best Action-Thriller. He’s currently working on the Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery series.

Author Links:

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Character Guest Post
Hey Journal,

That author person has gone too far! Do you know what he did to me? He stuck me in the attic in the dark. I’m ten! Everybody totally knows attics can be super spooky places at night! And he was, like, too cheap to have more than one lightbulb up there!

My dad told me the attic was off limits. He used his deep, dad voice for that one. It’s so lame, but I was going along with it because I didn’t want to get grounded again. So what did that author person do? He put some stuff up there I couldn’t stay away from. That’s, like, totally unfair.

I got a way to get my author person back. Me and my fellow characters are going to sign a Characters Declaration of Independence. It’s gonna be just like the real one we studied in school.“We the characters, in order to form a more perfect story…” It’s totally gonna work.

My dad doesn’t like me to say mean things about other people, but my author person isn’t just anybody. He’s the one who’s supposed to be writing down what we tell him. But he, like, doesn’t listen. When I told him I wanted to have a real mom and Marquetta, our cook, was perfect, he was like, “You’ll have to work for it.”

What’s with that? I’m ten years old. I should have a mom who loves me, right? And he was like, “It can’t happen that fast, Alex.”

And I was like, “Are you kidding me? You can’t do this!”

And he was like, “You’ll be okay. You’re resilient.”

I had to go ask my dad what resilient meant. That’s so bogus. And then my author person told me a bunch of his writer friends ganged up on him because a kid wouldn’t know the word bogus. For real? Hello! They’re not ten. How would they know? I gotta give him credit for standing up to them and saying I could keep the word.

But, he was clueless about Daddy and Marquetta. He didn’t know they liked each other so much when he started writing the first book. Talk about a doh moment. I’m a kid and I already know who I’m gonna marry when I grow up. This whole romance thing is super simple.

And when I asked him about it again, he was all, “It’s complicated.”

Get a clue, author person! Being a kid is hard. We have to learn all this new stuff in school. We have to do fifth-grade math! That’s complicated! I tried to tell him he could let Daddy and Marquetta get together right away and everybody would be totally cool with that.

I told him I should have a say in when Daddy and Marquetta get together. And he was like, I’ve got the computer and I do the typing. You know what I did, Journal?

I stuck my tongue out at him and told him I was holding the story hostage until he let them kiss. He was, like, super unhappy about that because he thought he was in control. We the characters, Journal. We’ve totally got this.




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March 18, 2018

Playing with Bonbon Fire by Dorothy St. James - Guest Post and Giveaway

Book details
Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series
Crooked Lane Books (March 13, 2018)
Hardcover: 352 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1683314684
Digital ASIN: B074MBXLWX

Book description
Chocoholic Charity Penn must smoke out the killer to stop her newly inherited beachside chocolate shop from going up in flames in Dorothy St. James’ decadent follow-up to Asking for Truffle.

Chocolate shop owner Charity Penn is finally settling into life in the quirky South Carolina seaside town of Camellia Beach cooking up chocolate treats. She’s even helped organize the town’s lively beach music festival which has brought rollicking crowds eager to dance the Carolina shag. That is, until one of the band’s lead singers is found dead beside a beach bonfire.

While also trying to balance the amorous attention of music star Bixby Lewis, in town for the festival, and her quest to perfect a new hot flavored bonbon, Charity dives into the investigation. Though it’s more spice than sugar when she discovers a threatening note, comes across decades of age-old secrets, and Bixby comes into the line of fire when a gas grill explodes on the deck of a beachfront house.

Now Charity must turn up the heat and catch the killer before her chance melts away in Playing With Bonbon Fire, the delightful second Southern Chocolate Shop mystery served up just right for fans of JoAnna Carl and Joanne Fluke.

Meet the author - Dorothy St. James
Mystery author Dorothy St. James was born in New York but raised in South Carolina. She makes her home on an artsy island community in South Carolina with her husband, a neurotic dog, and fluffy cat. Though writing has always been a passion for her, she pursued an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology and a graduate degree in Public Administration and Urban Planning. She put her educational experience to use, having worked in all branches and all levels of government including local, regional, state, and federal. She even spent time during college working for a non-profit environmental watchdog organization.

Switching from government service and community planning to fiction writing wasn’t as big of a change as some might think. Her government work was all about the stories of the people and the places where they live. As an urban planner, Dorothy loved telling the stories of the people she met. And from that, her desire to tell the tales that were so alive in her heart grew until she could not ignore it any longer. In 2001, she took a leap of faith and pursued her dream of writing fiction full-time.

Known for the White House Gardener Mystery series, Dorothy is going back to her roots and setting a mystery series in a Southern beach town much like the one she’s called home for the past 20 years. The Southern Chocolate Shop Mysteries combine her love of fine chocolates, quirky Southern charm, with a dash of danger.

* Dorothy St. James is the alter-ego of the award-winning multi-published author, Dorothy McFalls. She enjoys writing in several different genres. Her works have been nominated for many awards including Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, Reviewers International Organization Award, National Reader’s Choice Award, CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award, and The Romance Reviews Today Perfect 10! Award. Reviewers have called her work: “amazing”, “perfect”, “filled with emotion”, and “lined with danger.”

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Indie Bound
Google Play
Barnes & Noble

Guest post
It’s Okay to Bite the Hand that Feeds You 
By Stella, Penn’s rescue papillon 
I might only be five pounds, but I’m a fearsome little thing. People back up when they see me coming. I like that. It sure beats being accidentally stepped on. So perhaps I bite first and make friends later. And of course I bark to warn everyone around me that something is bothering me. My ears are as big as radar dishes, which means I have super good hearing. And although I’m small, my canine nose is as sensitive as a bloodhound’s. I can smell trouble a mile away.

My owner, Penn, is nice. But she doesn’t listen to me like she should, so I bark and nip her fingers to get her attention or to stop her from doing something I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong. I love her. She gives me bacon. Lots of bacon.

Penn lives with a kindly older lady, Bertie Bays. Bertie is an expert in the kitchen and the one who cooks up all that yummy bacon. <<Bacon? Bacon? Where’s the bacon? What? There’s no bacon. Let me bark for a little while. Yum. Yum. Yum. Ah, Penn just gave me TWO pieces of bacon.>> Where was I? Oh, right. Bertie. I never nip at her even though she’s owned by a cheeky cat who thinks he owns the place. Bertie listens. Like me, she hears things that no one realizes she hears.

There are two men in Penn’s life right now. Harley Dalton. He’s a big guy. Thanks to my bold personality, he has a healthy fear of me. I like that about him. Even so, I try to give him a little nip or two every time he comes around as a reminder that he needs to take care around me. Besides, I don’t like how he smells. His scent isn’t all soft and flowery like Penn’s or Bertie’s. It’s hard. Earthy. Yeah, I’m definitely biting him the next time I see him.

Penn has also been hanging around with this new guy, Bixby Lewis. That one makes her act goofy. I don’t like it when she acts goofy. Makes me feel all insecure and bitey. Although…the sight of Bixby’s expressive brown eyes and handsome face makes me want to act goofy too.

Penn doesn’t realize it, but I’m the best thing that has ever happened to her. I remind her to take care. Without me, she might not realize what a dangerous world it is out there. My little nips and growls and barks keep her safe. She should give me more bacon.

Do you have a special dog in your life that does everything in her power to keep you safe? Stop by and tell us about her (or him.)


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March 17, 2018

His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray - Review

I received this book free from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

Book details
Series: Amish of Hart County (Book 4)
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Avon Inspire (March 6, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062469150
ISBN-13: 978-0062469151

Book description
An undercover English DEA agent will do anything to protect the Amish girl he loves.

Calvin Fisher left the Amish community at fourteen and never looked back. Only his brother's illness can bring him back to Hart County. Now, as Calvin works to make amends, he meets Alice, a local nursery school teacher, and falls hard for her. But he has a secret that could threaten the happiness he's finally found.

Alice shouldn't like-or want-Calvin. He's English, has a questionable past, and an even more questionable job. Still, she can't help being intrigued. Though Calvin assures Alice that he's worthy of her, she's torn between surrendering to her growing feelings and steering clear of him.

When a sudden surge of criminal activity alarms the community and even targets Alice, Calvin fears that his double life has put everyone he loves at risk. As for Alice, she can't help but wonder if the brave and honorable man she's lost her heart to is far more dangerous than she could ever imagine.

Meet the author - Shelley Shepard Gray
Shelley Shepard Gray is a "New York Times" and "USA Today" bestselling author, a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers prestigious Carol Award, and a two-time HOLT Medallion winner. She lives in southern Ohio, where she writes full-time, bakes too much, and can often be found walking her dachshunds on her town's bike trail.

Find out more about Shelley at

My thoughts
This was a good addition to this series. It is not necessarily your typical Amish as it talks about a gentleman leaving his Amish family to do a job you would not expect of an Amish person - a DEA agent. In this book there is a little bit of suspense, mystery and adventure as the town gets targeted for crimes, then you through in a bit of romance and devotion to balance it all out. I did not want to put this book down as I wanted to know what was going to happen next and how Calvin was going to deal with it. Of course I liked Alice as well as who could not she was a nice girl who was trying not to fall for the "bad" guy, but could she help herself - you must read the book to find out. I will be looking forward to the next book in this series to see what the author has in store for us.

March 14, 2018

Bearly Departed by Meg Macy - Review

I received this book free from the publisher. All opinions are my own

Book details
Series: A Teddy Bear Mystery (Book 1)
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Kensington (May 30, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1496709632
ISBN-13: 978-1496709639

Book description
The Silver Bear Shop and Factory might be the cutest place around, but there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about murder . . .

As manager of the family teddy bear shop and factory, thirty-one-year-old Sasha Silverman leads a charmed life. Well, except for the part about being a single divorcĂ©e with a ticking biological clock in small-town Silver Hollow. And that’s just kid’s stuff compared to Will Taylor, the sales rep who’s set on making drastic changes to the business her parents built from scratch—with or without Sasha’s approval . . .

But before Will digs his claws in, someone pulls the stuffing out of his plan . . . and leaves his dead body inside the factory. Reeling from shock, Sasha’s hit with more bad news—police suspect her hot-tempered Uncle Ross may have murdered him. Sasha knows her uncle would never do such a thing, and she’s launching her own little investigation to expose the truth. As she tracks Will’s biggest rivals and enemies for clues, Sasha can’t get too comfy—or she’ll become the next plaything for a killer . . 

Meet the author - Meg Macy
Award-winning mystery author Meg Macy lives in Southeast Michigan, close ​enough ​to Ann Arbor, Chelsea, and Dexter -- the area she chose for the setting of her new "Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear" cozy mystery series for Kensington. She is also one-half of the writing team of D.E. Ireland for the Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins Mystery series; two​, Wouldn't It Be Deadly and Get Me to the Grave On Time​ ​were​ Agatha Award finalists​ for Best Historical​. Meg's first published book, Double Crossing, won the 2012 Best First Novel Spur Award from Western Writers of America. She's a graduate of Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program. Meg loves reading mysteries, historicals, and other genre fiction, and also enjoys gardening, crafts, and watercolor painting.

My thoughts
Who would not want to work in a teddy bear shop. I loved the setting of this book it made me feel like a kid again talking about the teddy bears. But it was not so nice that Will wanted to change things. When he ended up dead of course you would think it was because of what he wanted to do. The cast of characters were fun to get to know especially Sasha and her dog Rosie. The small town setting was perfect for this book. It made it seem real to me. I also liked the author's writing style and how she kept me guessing. Just when I thought I had something figured out she would put a twist to let me start guessing again. I am looking forward to the next book in this series and what Sasha will be doing next. 

Southern Discomfort by Caroline Fardig - Spotlight


Book details
Cozy Mystery 1st in Series 
Alibi (March 6, 2018) 

Book description
Southern hospitality meets deadly deception in the start of a charming new mystery series from the USA Today bestselling author of the Java Jive novels.

Quinn Bellandini loves her life in Savannah, Georgia, where she runs her grandfather’s B&B with her sister, Delilah. From baking fresh scones and serving up grits every morning to ensuring the guests see the best of their historic city, Quinn can’t imagine doing anything else—even if it means dealing with nuisances like the occasional malfunctioning commode. But when Quinn drops by the local restaurant owned by her friend Drew Green, and stumbles upon a murder, her whole world comes crashing down.

Drew’s brother was always a little surly, but Quinn can’t imagine that someone disliked the prickly chef enough to kill him. The police, on the other hand, don’t believe that Quinn was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before her guests can even digest the next morning’s gourmet breakfast, Quinn learns that she and Drew are suspects.

Drew thinks they should do some investigating of their own. Quinn is pretty sure she’s better suited to playing hostess than amateur sleuth. But with Delilah as her cynical sidekick, Quinn starts looking for the real killer—before she gets put away faster than you can say “sugar.”

Meet the author - Caroline Fardig
CAROLINE FARDIG is the USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the Java Jive Mysteries series and the Lizzie Hart Mysteries series. Fardig’s BAD MEDICINE was named one of the "Best Books of 2015" by Suspense Magazine. She worked as a schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom before she realized that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Fardig still lives in that same town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.
Social Media

Twitter: @carolinefardig 

Purchase Links Amazon B&N Kobo Google Play

Don’t miss Caroline Fardig’s thrilling Java Jive mysteries, which can be read together or separately: DEATH BEFORE DECAF | MUG SHOT | A WHOLE LATTE MURDER | BREW OR DIE | MURDER OVER MOCHAS

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March 8, 2018

Hummus and Homicide by Tina Kashian - Guest Post and Giveaway


Book details
Cozy Mystery 1st in Series 
Kensington (February 27, 2018) 
Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1496713476 
Digital ASIN: B071FLH733

Book description
When Lucy Berberian quits her Philadelphia law firm and heads home to Ocean Crest, she knows what she’s getting—the scent of funnel cake, the sight of the wooden roller coaster, and the tastes of her family’s Mediterranean restaurant. But murder wasn’t on the menu . . .

Things are slow in the off-season in this Jersey Shore town, but Lucy doesn’t mind. She doesn’t even mind waitressing at the Kebab Kitchen. Her parents have put in a new hummus bar, with every flavor from lemon to roasted red pepper. It’s fun to see their calico cat again, and to catch up with her old BFF, who’s married to a cop now.

She could do without Heather Banks, though. The Gucci-toting ex-cheerleader is still as nasty as she was back in high school . . . and unfortunately, she’s just taken over as the local health inspector. Just minutes after eating at the Kebab Kitchen—where she’s tallied up a whole list of bogus violations—she falls down dead in the street. Word on the grapevine is it’s homicide, and Lucy’s the number one suspect . . .

Recipes included!

Tina Kashian’s Award-Winning Hummus Recipe 
This is my own secret recipe and I make it weekly at home for the kids and the husband. It can be served as a dip with wedges of pita bread or vegetables, and goes well with broiled or grilled meat. It can also be used as a healthy alternative to mayonnaise on sandwiches.

1 can (15 ounces) chick peas
3½ teaspoons tahini (sesame seed puree)
3 cloves minced garlic (1½ teaspoons)
1 teaspoon salt
5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Drain can of chick peas and reserve ¼ cup fluid. Mix tahini thoroughly before using to incorporate oil that separates during storage. Using a food processor or blender, combine and blend all ingredients until smooth. If hummus is too thick, add a few tablespoons of reserved fluid from chick peas and blend again. Pour into serving platter. Enjoy!

Meet the author - Tina Kashian
Tina Kashian spent her childhood summers at the New Jersey shore, building sand castles, boogie boarding, and riding the boardwalk Ferris wheel. She also grew up in the restaurant business where her Armenian parents owned a restaurant for thirty years. She worked almost every job—rolling silverware and wiping down tables as a tween, to hosting and waitressing as a teenager. After college, Tina worked as a NJ Deputy Attorney General, a patent attorney, and a mechanical engineer. Her law cases inspired an inquiring mind of crime, and since then, Tina has been hooked on mysteries. The Kebab Kitchen Cozy Mystery series launches with Hummus and Homicide, followed by Stabbed in the Baklava and One Feta in the Grave by Kensington Books. Tina still lives in New Jersey with her supportive husband and two young daughters. Please visit and join her Newsletter to enter free contests to win books, get delicious recipes, and to learn when her books will be released. 

Author Links

Purchase Links
Barnes & Noble
Google Books

Guest post
Top Ten Things to Know About Lucy Berberian 
Amateur Sleuth of “Hummus and Homicide” 
By Tina Kashian 

Thank you for having me as a guest! I’m excited to introduce readers to Lucy Berberian, the amateur sleuth of “Hummus and Homicide,” the first book in my Kebab Kitchen Mystery series set at the Jersey shore.

1. Lucy’s a recovering Philadelphia lawyer. After her job throws her a curve ball, she packs her bags and unwillingly returns home to her family and their restaurant Kebab Kitchen at the Jersey shore.

2. She can’t cook worth a damn. Everyone in her family can cook, and her mother is a talented chef. Lucy’s mom is trying to teach her, and it’s testing her mother’s patience as well as Lucy’s. We’ll see how it goes…

3. She has a weakness for tall, dark-haired men. One of the main reasons she’s avoided home for a while, is due to an ex (Azad) that broke her heart. Now that she’s back, Azad is even better looking than before. He’s now a chef and hopes to purchase Kebab Kitchen from Lucy’s retiring parents. There’s also a hot, bad-boy motorcycle rider (Michael) who runs a bicycle rental shop next door to Kebab Kitchen. After a stint as dry as the Sahara, Lucy now has two good-looking men interested in her.

4. She is scared of motorcycles, but rides a Harley-Davison and likes it. Michael entices Lucy to ride on the back of his motorcycle. They stop at the boardwalk to share ice cream and, to her surprise, he’s quite charming.

5. Lucy may not have wanted to come back home but now that she’s has, she’s happy. Her mother may be nagging Lucy to get married, but she’s well-meaning. And to Lucy’s surprise, she is bonding with her mom during their cooking lessons. Also, Lucy has missed Ocean Crest, a quaint town at the Jersey shore, and she fondly recalls the scent of funnel cake, the sight of the wooden roller coaster on the boardwalk, and the tastes of her family’s restaurant.

6. Lucy’s best friend is her complete opposite. Katie Watson has been Lucy’s best friend since grade school. Lucy’s petite with dark, curly hair. Katie’s tall and blonde. They also come from different worlds. Lucy is a first generation American, and Katie often jokes that her ancestors sailed on the Mayflower. Katie was raised on meat and potatoes, and apple pie while Lucy grew up eating stuffed grape leaves and hummus. None of their differences matter. Lucy and Katie are besties, and both value their friendship. Lucy is staying with Katie and her husband, Bill, an Ocean Crest police officer.

7. Lucy loves lemon meringue pie. Other than her mother’s baklava, her favorite is lemon meringue pie from Cutie’s Cupcake Bakery in Ocean Crest.

8. Lucy doesn’t like to exercise, but since returning home she doesn’t have much choice. Lucy jogs (or trudges) the Ocean Crest boardwalk and beach three times a week. Waitressing at Kebab Kitchen doesn’t burn enough calories. Lucy’s fondness for her mother’s cooking and lemon meringue pie, requires serious exercise.

9. Despite her best efforts to keep her distance from her ex, Azad, sparks still fly between them. It doesn’t help that Azad is trying to win her back. Will she give him a second chance?

10. Lucy has a bad habit of stumbling over bodies. Dead ones. She was forced to become a sleuth, but she’s found that she has quite a knack for it. With her best friend, Katie, by her side, they end up solving crime. It’s all just an average day at the Jersey shore.

If you want to find out where Lucy’s adventures lead her and her friends and quirky family, please pick up Hummus and Homicide, the first book in the “Kebab Kitchen” mystery series. Stabbed in the Baklava and One Feta in the Grave are coming soon after!


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